Cordial Organics Celebrate Bitters Tincture- 300mg

Cordial Organics

Cordial Organics Celebrate Bitters Tincture- 300mg

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Cordial Organics Celebrate Bitters are a naturally effervescent blend of full spectrum CBD infused with a proprietary blend of herbs.

This digestive bitters blend is a low dosage way to celebrate, perfect for someone that enjoys an elevated cocktail from time to time.

Each 2 oz bottle contains 300mg of CBD. 


Pure cane alcohol, water, demerara sugar, supercritical cbd, meyer lemon*, hops*, gentian root*, cardamom*, lemongrass*, and white peppercorns*

*certified organic

Suggested Use: 

For digestion, use a ½ to 1 dropper of our bitters before or after meals, up to 6 times a day. You can also salute to your health in your favorite cocktail or beverage. Effects are usually felt within 5-10 minutes and last 1-3 hours.

please store in a cool, dry place.